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Undergraduate Students : Academic Policies

SF State implements Course Repeat policy—Fall 2008

The University has approved a new course repeat policy that may affect your future enrollment. Students may not enroll in courses that they have already taken except under certain circumstances. This policy applies only to courses taken at SF State in Fall 2008 or later. The new course repeat policy is intended to balance unfettered and equitable access to SF State resources. It will also promote careful planning of academic schedules, facilitate student advising at pivotal academic points, and increase enrollment opportunities for all students.

What this means when you add classes that are not repeatable for credit:

You may add a class you've already taken one more time, but only if you received a grade of "C-" or lower (including a grade of No Credit), the first time you took the course. Even if you withdraw from a class, you will only be allowed to enroll one more time.

Beginning Summer 2009, Gator Reg will automatically check your student record and inform you if you are not eligible to add a class that you have already repeated at SF State.

For complete details please go to and scroll down to Course Repeat Policy. Business Majors may contact the College of Business Student Services Center in BUS 112 for advisement in regards to this policy by email, phone (415) 405-3531, or in person during scheduled office hours.

College of Business implements Important Changes—Updated Summer 2009

  1. Core business courses can be taken no more than TWO times—Each time you receive a letter grade, or a W, WU, I, CR, NC, AU, or RD, it counts towards your total of two times. This means you must be sure to drop classes yourself. Do NOT count on the instructor to drop you even if s/he tells you that you cannot take the class. If you have taken a class two or more times, you will be blocked from registering for that class in Gator Reg. Go to BUS 112 for advising.
  2. You must earn a grade of at least C- in a core business course—that is being used as a prerequisite for another core business course. This means you must earn a C- or better in the following core courses: ACCT 100, ACCT 101, DS 212, ECON 101, FIN 350, BUS 360, ISYS 363 (or ACCT 307), MGMT 405, DS 412, and MKTG 431. If you received a grade of D+, D, or D- in any core course before Spring 2005, you will be given an exception to this rule.
  3. All college communication, including student policies and schedule changes, is emailed to your SF State email account. It is your responsibility to check it regularly and/or forward email from this account to your preferred email address.

These changes have been made by the faculty in order to ensure classes are available for qualified students, which will help hard-working students graduate more quickly. Contact the Student Services Center (BUS 112) for further details.

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