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Sparta Consulting becomes Bronze Level sponsor of the SAP Recognition Award Program

News + Events : Sparta Consulting becomes Bronze Level sponsor of the SAP Recognition Award Program


Sparta Consulting, a KPIT Cummings company became a Bronze sponsor of the SAP Recognition Award Certificate Program at San Francisco State University’s College of Business.

Bronze level sponsorship is based on a donation of up to $5000. As a result of this donation, Sparta Consulting will receive access to the SAP Recognition Award certificate recipients for internship opportunities. In addition, the sponsorship will be announced on the college and IS department websites, as well as department brochures.

“We at Sparta Consulting are delighted to be associated with your University and are glad we could do something small to help your program,” Ajay Sharma Vice President for Resourcing & Recruiting at Sparta commented.

IS Department Chair Paul Beckman said, “We are thankful to Sparta Consulting for their Bronze Level Sponsorship of the department’s SAP Initiative. Sparta’s support will help us achieve the initiative's goal of creating and sustaining a process that benefits both Sparta Consulting and our students.”

Dean of the College of Business Linda Oubre said, “Developing a pipeline of excellent job-ready students for industry is a top priority for the College of Business. Thanks to the support of companies like Sparta Consulting, our students are prepared to enter the competitive workforce with the skills necessary to make an immediate impact and add value to their organizations.”

CoB students can currently enroll in four SAP integrated courses (ISYS 471, ISYS 569, ISYS 650 and ISYS 663). Students can earn the SAP Recognition Award certificate by completing three of these courses with a grade of C or better. The prerequisite for the first three courses is ISYS 363 or ACCT 307.

SAP Recognition Award Program

To learn more about the program and sponsorship opportunities, see SAP Recognition Award Program.

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