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MSBA Alum Eduard Qualls in the News

News + Events : MSBA Alum Eduard Qualls in the News


Eduard Qualls (M.S.B.A. '87) has published a book detailing the origins and effects of greed capitalism.

The book Community Capitalism: Pulling Capitalism Back from Its Own Abyss, described as “Every American’s Bitch List,” details the problems confronting capitalism and threatening to destroy the economic well-being of the U.S., its allies, and associates.

Eduard Qualls was raised in a religious household in which the only things to read were the newspaper, the Bible, a hymnal, and a 1956 encyclopedia. He found early refuge and inspiration within that multivolume set. A college degree in German and music, with a minor in French, was followed by graduate work in musicology and Latin, culminating in a switch to graduate business. Mr. Qualls adapted to this move by understanding accounting as the language on which business is based and by realizing that all business activities are rooted in humans, their communities, and their endeavors.

A master’s degree in business administration was followed by almost 30years of successful productivity within the software industry and additional post-graduate schooling and formal and informal studies in mathematics, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, and classical Semitic languages. The late economic downturn has given Mr. Qualls the opportunity to put into writing the insights derived from his academic training and business experience, his long-term studies in the humanities, and his observations of the human condition and its development throughout history.

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