Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA)

No matter what your background, the MSA is the right option for you.

Students With an Accounting Degree

You already have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration and want to enhance the marketability of your degree for career advancement. You may earn an MSA degree with just 10 courses.

Students Without an Accounting Degree

You have a bachelor’s degree in an area other than accounting or business administration. You may complete a full time MSA in approximately two years, or even less if you have already taken some business courses.

MSA Admissions

You may enroll full or part-time to pursue your MSA. For information, see Graduate Admissions and Application Deadlines

Degree Requirements

You must attend a required orientation that includes professional development workshops, complete the MSA Foundation courses (unless they are waived based on your undergraduate degree) plus 10 Advanced Requirement courses.

For information on the MSA course requirements, see the SF State Bulletin

Or, view the MSA course requirements for students with an accounting degree (pdf)

Or, view the MSA course requirements for students without an accounting degree (pdf)

MSA Advisers

As an MSA student, you join a supportive community led by MSA Advisers. View the list of MSA advisers.