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Requirements - Graduate Program

Our Master's program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in economic theory and quantitative techniques, necessary for doing applied work in economics or a related field (e.g., financial economics). We have structured our program for entering students with backgrounds in intermediate economic theory, statistics and basic calculus. However, students who do not have this background can be admitted provisionally — they spend a semester (or two) completing these basic courses. It is not necessary for a student to have majored in economics as an undergraduate, but some background in economics and statistics is extremely helpful.

The program requires 30 units to be completed with a core set of courses described in the table below. The University Bulletin also has a description of our requirements. The core courses comprise the essential foundation in economic theory and econometrics, while the electives enable students to pursue specific applied areas of interest. While the majority of our students find careers in the public or private sector after completing their M.A. degrees, other students have continued on to pursue an economics Ph.D. or a Ph. D. in an applied economics area.

Core Requirements (See Bulletin)

Course* Units
Econ 615 Mathematical Economics 3
Econ 630 Econometric Theory 3
Econ 701 Seminar: Microeconomic Theory 3
Econ 702 Seminar: Macroeconomic Theory 3
Econ 725 Applied Time Series Econometrics 3
Econ 730 Advanced Econometric Methods and Applications 3

Other Requirements

Course Units
Graduate elective courses. May be taken upon advisement in an allied field or in interdisciplinary study. 6
[Econ 898 Master's Thesis and Oral Defense] or [Additional graduate economics courses and Oral Comprehensive Examination] 6
Minimum total 30

*Note: As of Spring 2014 the following changes to the above course numbering will take effect:  Econ 615 (Econ 715), Econ 630 (Econ 731), Econ 725 (Econ 825), and Econ 730 (Econ 830)

If you have any further questions, please contact Professor Lisa Takeyama (Email:, Tel: (415) 338-2499)

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