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Economic Experiments at SF State

Economics computer lab

At the Department of Economics we conduct computerized economic experiments. Economics is not usually thought of as an experimental science. But in recent years the field of experimental economics has been experiencing explosive growth. Experiments allow economists to test their theories in the laboratory just like they do in physics and chemistry. At SF State, Prof. Kirill Chernomaz specializes in the field and conducts experiments at the Economics Computer Lab in HSS 147. Any SF State student can participate. Experiments usually take a couple of hours and participants are paid in cash (for details see the rules).

Signing up for economic experiments at SF State

To sign up for economic experiments follow this link to the sign-up form. Enter your contact information and it will be added to our database of potential experiment participants. We will contact you whenever an experiment is scheduled. You can then decide whether you wish to participate in a particular session depending on your preferences and schedule.

Your contact information will remain strictly confidential and will never be used for any purposes other than recruiting for experimental sessions.

Removing your contact information from the database

To remove your name from the database please complete this removal form.

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