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Heather Andersen

Heather Andersen

Principle, Executive Coach and Facilitator, Global Insight Coaching

Heather Andersen (M.S.B.A., International Business, ’01) is an executive coach and facilitator specializing in leadership development and cross-cultural communication. She brings extensive international business experience to her work with individuals and teams. Heather’s coaching specialty focuses on working with clients who are managing global teams and projects, particularly with India. Heather helps leaders leverage their strengths, address their need for change, set goals and supports them to develop competencies and build skills. She assists clients to increase their awareness and communication effectiveness, enabling them to bridge gaps that would otherwise lead to misunderstanding and conflict. She also works with clients to strengthen their leadership presence as well as develop more collaborative, cross border relationships. Clients benefit from her broad perspective and learn to develop their own ability to see situations in a new light, allowing them to better solve problems and challenges.

Heather worked as a senior client strategy consultant and executive coach at Aperian Global and the Institute for Women’s Leadership. During her career Heather has worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 client including Bank of America, Cisco Systems, Carlsberg, Dell, Gap Inc., Eaton Corporation, Estee Lauder, John Deere, KLA Tencor, Microsoft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Texas Instruments, and UnitedHealth Group. According to Heather: “I believe that when we approach challenges in a global business environment, we need to address the business issue and also take into account the layer of complexity added by culture and style differences.”

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Leona Bridges

Leona Bridges

Managing Director, Barclays Global Investors

A love for education led Leona Bridges (B.A.) to create an endowed scholarship in the College of Business to support economically and educationally disadvantaged students. Once a hard working SF State commuter student, Leona put herself through school working evenings at Crocker Bank in San Francisco. Today Leona is managing director of the Global Index and Markets Group of Barclays Global Investors, one of the world’s largest asset managers. Based in San Francisco, Leona has not forgotten her undergraduate years in the College of Business, the friends she made at State, and the foundation her first business classes gave her as she moved up the ladder of business success.

“I care passionately about education,” Leona says. “Financial concerns eliminate many students from the educational process, and this scholarship is a tool to offer assistance to help needy students.” The scholarship will benefit students who may one day follow Leona's remarkable career path. According to Leona: “It's important to offer resources to those with ambition.”

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Raphael Sambou

Raphaël Sambou

Senior Manager, Reporting & Analysis, Schwab Investor Services, Charles Schwab &Co.

At Charles Schwab & Co., Raphaël Sambou (M.B.A., ’98) provides management reporting and analytical expertise for the Schwab Investor Services and the Client Experience organizations. Raphaël has nine years of financial services experience including corporate financial analysis, corporate business strategy, business reporting, and analysis.

He got his start during his first summer in the MBA program as an intern with Smith Barney Inc. (now part of Citigroup) in San Francisco. He analyzed client portfolio performances, assisted with sector weighting and equity position analysis, as well as tracked national and international stock market trends and enhanced in-house asset allocation models.

Raphaël is Chair of the Black Professional Association of Charles Schwab (BPACS) and is a board member of African Immigrant and Refugee Resource Center, a non-profit in San Francisco. In both capacities, he utilizes his education and exposure to a diverse environment gained while at SF State to make a difference. Raphaël also holds NASD Securities Licenses 7 and 63.

Raphaël is originally from the West African country of Senegal and speaks English and French fluently as well as Diola and Wolof (spoken in Senegal and surrounding areas). He can also converse in Spanish. Raphaël’s aspiration is to be a global leader, comfortable anywhere in the world. He moved to the Bay Area from Quebec City, Canada with a degree in Business Administration but spoke very little English.

Raphaël says, “I liked the diversity I found at SF State. I met people of different nationalities, different ages, and from different walks of life. In this increasingly global marketplace, the diversity of the student population at the business school helped me realize the importance for businesses to capitalize on their employees' differences.”

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