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Programs : Undergraduate

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with an Accounting concentration, providing study in financial and managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, and accounting systems. A minor in Accounting is also offered.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Concentration in Accounting

The program prepares students for careers in public accounting, industry, government and not-for-profit. It also provides a foundation for entrance into graduate programs in business and accounting. There were approximately 962 undergraduate accounting majors enrolled at SFSU in the Fall of 2006.

Students must complete 126 units and have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the accounting concentration and in all courses taken at San Francisco State University to earn the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

For a complete description of the program: see Bulletin : Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Concentration in Accounting

Sequenced Courses for Accounting Majors

* Can count for G.E. and the major
Semester Courses
Semester 1 ENG 114 or Elective
GE I: Critical Thinking 1/4
GE I: SPCH 150 2/4
GE II: ECON 100 SS 1/3
GE II: HUM 1/3
Semester 2 GE I: ENG/BUS 214 3/4
GE I: DS/MATH 110 4/4*
GE II: SS 2/3
ECON 101*
GE II: HUM 2/3
Summer Semester
Semester 3 US History
DS 212
GE I: SCI 1/3
ACCT 100
GE II: HUM 3/3
Semester 4 US Government
GE II: SS 3/3
GE II: SCI 2/3
ACCT 101
GE I: SCI 3/3
Summer Semester
Semester 5 ACCT 301 1/7
ACCT 307
BUS 360
FIN 350
GE III: 1/3
Semester 6 ACCT 302 2/7
IBUS 330
MGMT 405
MKTG 431
GE III: 2/3
Summer Semester
Semester 7 ACCT 305 3/7
Concentration Elective 4/7
DS 412
MGMT 407
BUS 682
Semester 8 Concentration Elective 5/7
Concentration Elective 6/7
Concentration Elective 7/7
GE III: 3/3
BUS 690
Summer Semester

Other Possible Course Needs

  • Take MATH 70 during the 1st semester if you do not have the algebra requirement for BA/MATH 110
  • Take ENG 414 as a Junior if you do not pass the JEPET exam
  • Take ACCT 102 if you fail the ACCT 301 pretest

Minor in Accounting

These programs are designed to provide undergraduates with a focused exposure to a particular area of business practice rather than the broad exposure of the General Business Minor. As such, they can provide professional and technical skills needed for entry into specialized business employment for non-business majors or serve as an alternative to a double major for business majors wishing expertise in a second field. For more information, see Bulletin : Minor in Accounting.

San Francisco State University Major Degree Roadmaps

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