Business Partner Program: Research

Once you find the right people, they need to talk to each other about research projects. The importance of partnership collaboration teams is connecting people with similar work experiences, professional interests, and educational backgrounds to generate ideas and develop action plans for the partnership. You want people in the room that speak the same business language. By attentively listening to each other during collaboration sessions, the teams begin to identify opportunities to partner together on various research projects.

Via our various academic departments, we can provide companies with an abundance of resources to get involved in research projects needed to jumpstart a venture or investment. We are committed to our students and world renowned faculty, we invest in their pursuits of higher academic standards by partnering up with corporations that seek to benefit from analysis, planning, and expansion research. We develop collaboration teams based on the needs of the project or vision, so that the College of Business and Business Partner can have an environment to elevate their ideas in:

  • Leadership
  • Management & Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance, Economics & Decision Science
  • International Business
  • Labor and Employment Studies
  • Information Systems
  • Hospitality Tourism & Management
  • Career Connections & Human Resources


Companies and organizations are invited to become sponsors and submit projects for College of Business faculty, students, and MBA and MSA candidates. Consulting projects led by our College of Business Advisers (faculty members) are supported by teams of business students including undergraduates and MBA, MSA and MA Economics graduate students.