Business Partner Program

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The College of Business designed the Business Partner Program to create a cohesive connection between corporations and the college's community of students, faculty, and alumni to provide business partners with strategic resources to enable academic and career success.

Jobs & Internships

Get acquainted with the talent required to make your company successful. We provide companies with the opportunity to cultivate professional relationships. We have successfully placed students in roles with companies of all sizes, including start-ups and global corporations.

  • Identify qualified employees
  • Connect with future potential candidates
  • Apply business theories into practice
  • Strengthen your potential

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Executive Education

Let us enhance your leadership and business potential by tailoring programs to fit your needs. Our advisers are influencers with decades of executive experience in sustainability, branding, mergers and acquisitions, corporate accounting, and information technology.

  • Expand internal opportunities (customized and executive education, and certificate programs)
  • CIO Executive Development Program
  • Participate as advisers

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At its core, the Business Partner Program is an opportunity engine, developing a pipeline of career-ready leaders locally and globally. We seek to partner with corporations to identify ways to turn investments into practical value for our partners, students, university, and the Bay Area community.

  • Evolve your market
  • Join the marketing revolution
  • Find new methods and structure
  • Further your objectives

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Be part of a partnership that connects you with the precise resources for your business. We offer tools that can generate innovation and robust action plans. Together, we can develop new opportunities by utilizing the support of faculty, students, and MBA and MSA candidates.

  • Research project concepts
  • Develop action plans
  • Gain a collaboration team
  • Submit consulting projects
  • Receive expert advice

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