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Programs : Internships

The internship program provides accounting students the opportunity to earn academic credit (ACCT 317, Accounting/Internal Auditing Internship, 3 units) for appropriate work experience. It is expected that qualified positions can be found with public accounting firms, government units, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the qualified position by successfully interviewing for such a position.

Qualifying Work

For a position to qualify for academic credit, it must apply advanced accounting subjects as a significant part of the job responsibilities. Advanced accounting subjects are those subjects discussed in upper-division accounting concentration courses such as internal auditing, cost accounting, information systems design/auditing, and tax planning/research. Data entry and bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, and bank reconciliation responsibilities are not qualified activities. For a position to qualify, it must also constitute at least 300 hours of work experience. To determine whether a position qualifies, a written job description should be submitted to the instructor for approval prior to taking the internship.


To receive credit for this course (only credit/no credit available) the student must complete all of the following assignments:

  1. Job description detailed to allow the instructor to understand the exact nature of the work experience.
  2. Journal describing a month of work experience. This contemporaneously-prepared journal should provide the instructor an understanding of the actual work experience and must be detailed.
  3. Term paper and Presentation to the Instructor. Each student should prepare a 10-page paper (single or double spaced) analyzing an accounting/auditing topic of their choice, possibly one that has some relevance to their work experience. The topic of the paper is subject to the instructor’s approval. The topic should not be too general or a mere summary of government regulations, company procedures/policies of FASB pronouncements and should represent actual research. This paper should enhance the student’s work experience. Research done exclusively on the Internet will not be accepted. Library searches are required. Each student should arrange to present their paper to the instructor. The presentation should be limited to five minutes.

More Information

For further information regarding the internship program, contact:
Professor Jiunn Huang
Office: SCI 302
Phone: (415) 338-2473


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