Accounting Department {College of Business}

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There are 17 full time faculty in the Accounting Department with interests in financial, managerial, cost, auditing, taxation, information systems, international, and non-profit areas. Excellence in teaching, active intellectual contributions, dedicated committee work, and community service are the hallmarks of the SFSU faculty. The department also employs five to six professionally qualified part-time faculty to teach selected courses.

Select an Accounting Department faculty member's name to view advisory duty and contact and biographical information. For Accounting Department staff, see Staff.

Name Title Office Hours Advising Duties
Braswell, Mike Assistant Professor Please email for an appt Undergrad/Grad
Caratan, Kristine Lecturer 5-615 None
Chang, (Amy) Chun-Chia Assistant Professor T 12-130(DTC); W 2-330 & by appt(BUS 345) Undergrad
Choo, Frederick Professor W 5-7 Undergrad/ GE
Danko, Kenneth Professor TTh 4-5 Undergrad
Donnelly, Duff Lecturer T 545-645 or by appt None
Duke, Joanne Director of MSA W 1-630 or by appt Grad
Fichera, Steven Lecturer M 530-630(DTC); W 530-630; F 1-2(BUS 220) None
Frankel, George Professor TTh 2-330 & by appt Undergrad
Franz, David Professor TTh 830-930, 1-2 Undergrad
Griffis, David Lecturer M 245-350 None
Hammond, Theresa Professor T 11-1230(HSS); T 5-630(DTC); Th (email for appt) Undergrad/ Grad
Hefter, William Lecturer T 545-645 & by appt None
Hsieh, Su-Jane Professor TTh 1-2, 330-430 Undergrad/ Grad/ Minor
Huang, Jiunn Department Chair WTh 9-11, 2-4 Department Chair
Hurley, Tim Assistant Professor T 10-11; Th 430-630 & by appt None
Jerris, Scott Professor MW 810-910; W 1150-1250(BUS); M 1-2 (DTC 556) Undergrad
Kang, Jai [Jay] Professor TTh 125-325 Undergrad
Landis, Mark Associate Professor On Leave, Spring 2014 Undergrad
Li, Mark Lecturer Th 6-7 None
Lord, John Lecturer TTh 930-11 None
McPartlan, Michael Lecturer T 6-7 None
O'Shaughnessy, John Professor TTh 9-930; Th 1-3 Undergrad/ GE/ CPA
Ori, Joseph Lecturer T 6-7 None
Rashty, Josef Lecturer M 430-630 & by appt None
Shibuya, Yuji Lecturer T 630-7; Th 330-4 None
Sinclair, Gregory Lecturer TTh 11-12 None
Tavakolian, Mohsen Professor On Leave, Spring 2014 Undergrad
Troxel, Katherine Lecturer W 6-7 None
Uptergrove, Morgan Lecturer Th 6-7 None
Wagner, Robin Associate Professor On Leave, Spring 2014 Undergrad/ Minor
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