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The San Francisco State University College of Business aims to be a leading institution of business education in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on preparing students to succeed in an economy that is global in nature. An integrated business education with strong ties to Asia Pacific and businesses operating in that region will train students to manage effectively across cultures and business environments anywhere in the world.

SF State’s students, faculty and curriculum reflect the diversity of Bay Area residents and its business environment. Over 80% of domestic graduates remain in the area, fueling the future of Bay Area businesses, many of which have extensive international operations. SF State has long enjoyed a strong reputation as an institution with a core value of social justice and two of the university’s six goals focus on diversity and “internationalization”, and these values are reflected in the business curriculum as well.

The College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), offering eight concentrations in areas such as finance, accounting, decision sciences, marketing, management, information systems, international business and entrepreneurship. In addition, the College offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSHM) degree, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The college also offers a program in Labor and Employment Studies. Emphasis is placed on business ethics and sustainability throughout the curriculums.

At the graduate level, the college offers a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree, an Executive MBA program, a Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA), and a Master of Arts in Economics. All graduate programs, excluding economics, are offered at the San Francisco State Downtown Campus.

Facts + Figures

Business Administration is the largest undergraduate major at SF State. Approximately 20% of the undergraduate students major in business administration.

The College confers about 1200 undergraduate degrees and 225 graduate degrees each year.

Fall 2007 Enrollment

  • Undergraduate students: 5186
  • MBA and MSA Students: 520
  • Executive MBA: 88


  • Male: 48.5%
  • Female: 51.5%

Ethnicity of Domestic Students

Note: self reported; responses from 94% of domestic student population

Ethnicity Percent of domestic student population
American Indian 0.5
African American 5.0
Chicano, Mexican American 6.2
All other Latino 5.9
Total Asian 41.7
Filipino 8.7
Total Pacific Islander 1.3
White Non-Latino 26.7
Other 4.0
Total 100.0

International Students

  • Undergraduate: 12%
  • Graduate: 34%



AACSB International accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools, worldwide. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review. Just 25% of US business schools and 15% of international business schools have achieved AACSB accreditation. San Francisco State’s College of Business has been accredited with AACSB International since 1964.

Other Recognition

College of Business Strategic Goals

The COB’s strategic goals and priorities are:


  • There is a strong multi-disciplinary focus on business education by building depth in discipline areas coupled with broad cross-discipline management perspective, particularly in graduate education.
  • The curriculum balances academic theory and applied experience.
  • Students are exposed to business professionals throughout their studies in a variety of ways from guest speakers to internships to group projects.
  • Concentration and emphasis programs reflect San Francisco business and economic opportunities and growth areas that provide future employment and leadership opportunities for students. Several current examples include hospitality management, sustainability, entrepreneurship and supply chain management.
  • Faculty scholarship and professional experiences contribute to and strengthen the curriculum.

Industry-ready Graduates

  • The program promotes the development of critical professional skills such as multi-cultural sensitivity, written and verbal communication, analytical skills, and team building.
  • Career services enable students to proactively self-manage their careers and engage in life-long learning.
  • The program has a reputation for developing well-rounded, results-oriented professionals with a mindset of social responsibility.


  • The curriculum reflects an international nature of business in all disciplines.
  • Strong partnerships are in place with international schools: faculty and student exchange, research, coursework, joint collaboration with multi-national business partners.
  • International students at SF State receive a true international experience in a supportive environment, and remain connected to the school upon their return to their home countries.
  • SF State domestic students receive enriching diversity and cross-cultural experiences that they can apply effectively to their business careers, as well as their personal lives.
  • SF State students have affordable opportunities for international experiences (i.e., study abroad) in addition to academic work.

Investment in Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • The College builds a revenue portfolio with diversified sources of income.
  • Programs are in place to enable faculty to continually enhance their teaching effectiveness and scholarly activities.
  • Programs are in place to enable staff to develop their professional skills.
  • Non-academic programs and services which enhance student experiences and build critical skills are available to students.