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Undergraduate Students : Petition to Exceed Maximum Units

Students in good academic standing may enroll in a maximum of 19 units.

All requests for 20 units, or more, must be approved by the College of Business Student Services Center, BUS 112. The College of Business will only consider a student's petition to exceed 19 units if they are graduating and in their final semester at SF State, and if they have an All College and residence GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Course permit numbers must be obtained during the Add period of instruction for all courses in excess of 16 units.

To enroll in 20 units or more, students must:

  1. Obtain and complete all sections of the Petition to Exceed Maximum Units form. Download the forms at
  2. Attach a current SF State (or other college) transcript and submit it to BUS 112 for review and signature.
  3. Submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office (SSB 101) for entry in the University’s official academic records system. Course permit numbers are not accepted for course work in excess of 19 units until your approved petition has been entered into the student records system. Students seeking to enroll in more than 24 units must obtain the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Note: forms differ during the summer semester and winter session. Visit the College of Business Student Services Center, BUS 112, for policies and procedures pertaining to the summer and winter terms.

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